chefVintage dinners at the La Truffe Noire restaurant are achieved by the chef Jean-Louis Nonicos.

Wine tastings are assessed on by Frédéric Turpaud, Head sommelier of the restaurant.

Jean-Louis Nomicos' aspiration to become a chef dates back to his early childhood.  This desire guides his footsteps until the age of 18, when he enter at Alain Ducasse in Juan les Pins, with whom he will lean a lot :  the cookery, culture, experience, reflection, the main part of the job. He follows The chef will take him to Monaco for 10 years, then all around the world, especially in Asia to expand the group. At 27, he is offered by Alain Ducasse to supervise La Grande Cascade : he is finally head chef. Then comes, the famous Lasserre restaurant where Jean-Louis Nomicos will make an elegant, both technical, and refined haute cuisine, which allows him to add two Michelin-stars to his name. 

If Jean-Louis Nomicos would rather become an everyday cook, cleanign truffles then grating them himself, far away from the pomp, as a call for simplicity, it remained to be imagined a place for him to officiate.

At the 16th , Bugeaud Avenue in Paris, he imagined, along with Anne-Cécile Comar, an enclosed space crossed wooden slats. It reminds us of the gloss and matte lighting effects behind the louvers of the South, the bright orange standing for an acidulated mood, white tablecloths for his happiness to share meals, the slightly-worn-by-time family silverware which foments nice little dishes, a profoundly urban place, simple, warm and modern.

Participation to vintage dinners at La Truffe Noire.

Bookings at preferential prices are available until 10 days before the event (max. 8 persons per reception), subject to availability. It is necessary to pay the dinner fees at the latest 8 days before the event takes place.

Dinner fees: 245 € per person

For any request, please ask Lauriane Saudreau at 01 42 89 12 30 or by e-mail at:

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