Vintage dinners at the Petrossian restaurant are achieved by the chef Julien Viollet

Wine tastings are assessed on by Ludovic André, head sommelier of the restaurant.

The Petrossian house opens its doors in the intimist setting of the 144, its gourmet restaurant situated just upon its famous boutique since 1999.

In the twenties, two Armenian brothers introduced Paris to the magic of caviar and founded the Caviar Petrossian company, which is nowadays the first caviar import-export business of the world. After having no option but to leave their country since the violent events which in 1915 and then in 1917 threw their native Caucase into confusion, the two brothers managed to produce caviar. At the time caviar was so to speak unknown in France and became a worldwide niche, a perfect symbol of luxury.

During the Roaring Twenties, the boutique on the boulevard de La Tour Maubourg became the caviar temple. The Petrossian brothers didn’t stay there and undertook to reveal to the French the ineffable-flavoured salmons, trouts, conger eels, and home-smoked other fishes prepared by them in the traditional way.

Participation to Vintage Dinners at Petrossian.

Bookings at preferential prices are available until 10 days before the event (max. 8 persons per reception), subject to availability.

Dinner fees: 245 € per person

For any request, please ask Lauriane Saudreau at 01 42 89 12 30 or by e-mail at:

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Petrossian restaurant

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