Vintage dinners at Carré des Feuillants are achieved by Alain Dutournier (2 Michelin-stared chef).

The wine tastings are assessed on by the head sommelier of the restaurant.

Half way in between the Vendôme place and the Tuileries Park, Alain Dutournier plays with the soil tangs and has the audacity to get round it. In a modern-look interior set of by contemporary, this guy originating from Gascony succeeds in perfectly pairing gastronomy and discrete flavours from the South-West of France.

During his childhood at his family’s cottage in South-Adour, Alain Dutournier has a passion for his native soil’s products and decides, in his tender age, to be a Chef cooker. He starts his life in Germany then in Sweden and did his military service at Toulon. He travelled a lot. He opened his mind to other flavours but always with a will to interpret South-West food in his own manner. Aged 24, he opened Le Trou Gascon in Paris (1 Michelin star in 1977 then 2 stars in 1982). In the year 1986, he starts off a new adventure with the launching of Carré des Feuillants which it didn’t take him a long time to lead to success within the first year by gaining 2 stars.

Participation to Vintage Dinners at Carré des Feuillants

Bookings at preferential prices are available until 10 days before the event (max. 8 persons per reception), subject to availability.

Dinner fees: 245 € per person

For any request, please ask Lauriane Saudreau at 01 42 89 12 30 or by e-mail at:

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