The Copenhague is the gourmet restaurant situated on the fisrt floor of the House of Denmark. Vintage dinners at Le Copenhague are achieved by the chef Joël Veyssière.
The wine tastings are assessed on by David Camarata.

Placed under the aegis of an enourmous portrait of Queen Margaret, Le Copenhague is the unforgettable danish gourmet restaurant in Paris. The Chef finds out inspirational gourmet trends to work out creatively noble products as freshly marinated herrings in Copenhague’s style, bass fillets grilled on a hot pebble or pickeled aneth-marinated salmon. Thus to accompany his premium meats and fishes, the Chef carefully selects vegetables, flowers and full-flavoured seasoning items. The aim of it, according to him, is « to please with pleasure ». His credo? Marketfood, which is very demanding in terms of cooking time and respect of each item’s flavour.

Participation to Vintage dinners at Le Copenhague restaurant.

Bookings at preferential prices are available until 10 days before the event (max. 8 persons per reception), subject to availability.

Dinner fees: 245 € per person

For any request, please ask Lauriane Saudreau at 01 42 89 12 30 or by e-mail at: laurianesaudreau@winebusinessclub.fr


Le Copenhague restaurant

142 avenue des Champs-Elysées

75 008 Paris