chef tailleventThe vintage dinners at Taillevent restaurant are achieved by the chef Alain Solivérès (2-Michelin-starred).

The wine tasting are assessed by Stéphane Jan, head sommelier of the restaurant Taillevent.

Alain Solivérès is the Head chef of the Taillevent since one decade. The Taillevent embodies a style that likes to ignore trends. The permanence of a gastronomic culture which evoluates through light touches; an art of framework at the heart of which the talent of Alain Solivérès is asserted. Being a technician of the highest caliber, he shares his values of quality while he easily manages to follow his creative instincts. Aged 26, he obtained his first job as a chef at the Louis XV in Monaco, where he developed the cult of products and seasons. No great food without impeccable raw materials, which have to be carefully selected from producers in love with the taste of products.

He composes his palette to express himself within compositions enjoyed by eyes and taste buds, but he also knows how to put forward the particular skills of the dinner service brigade, an team with expertise in the art of cutting, buckling and dressing. For nothing in this world would Alain Solivérès deprive his restaurant guests of this show, as long as it is a source of wonder and excitement that stirs up the love of good food.

Bookings at preferential prices are available until 10 days before the event (max. 8 persons per reception), subject to availability.

Dinner fees : 245 € HT per person.

For any request, please ask Lauriane Saudreau at 01 42 89 12 30 or by e-mail at:


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15 rue Lamennais

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